Three Fishing Boat Top Styles

When you shop for a fishing boat, you'll want to spend a thorough amount of time evaluating the many features that you'll use when you're out on the water. A boat with a live well and plenty of storage space for fishing gear, for example, can be appealing. Don't overlook the features that will help you to stay comfortable while you're fishing.

One such feature is a top over the boat. When you're on the water, the boat's top will typically be your lone source of shade, making it valuable for keeping you comfortable during this activity. Here are three top styles that you'll often find on fishing boats.

T Top

Many fishing boats are outfitted with a T-top, which is a top that gets its name from how it's shaped like the letter "T." T-tops offer a spacious feel. This top sits on a pair of vertical posts and provides shade over the boat's helm and the areas around it. T-tops don't have solid walls beneath them, which means that you have a full range of vision when you're standing beneath this type of top. Typically made of durable canvas that is stretched across a metal frame, some T-tops are foldable. This will allow you to fold the top down at times when you don't need protection from the sun.

Bimini Top

Like T-tops, Bimini tops are typically made of durable canvas and have a metal frame. The difference between these two tops is that a Bimini top isn't shaped like the letter "T." Instead, it uses several smaller brackets to hold up the top. This type of top also offers a spacious feel beneath it. Because there are no large vertical posts on each side of the boat, you may find that it's easier to fish from beneath a Bimini top when you're seated at the helm of your boat.

Hard Top

You'll also find a lot of fishing boats that have hard tops. These boats vary considerably but all have a hard, permanent top overhead. Many of these boats have proper walls that support the top. The result can be an enclosed cabin, which offers good protection from not only the sun, but also the rain and wind. You'll need to move away from the helm when you want to fish, however, as the walls around you won't allow you to cast your lure.

Visit a fishing boat dealer to browse models with a variety of top styles so you can figure out which would work for you.

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