Outboard Motors: Easy Tune-Up Tips

If you're taking your boat out on the water for the first time this season, making sure that your motor is fully functional can give you peace of mind and extend the life of your engine.

Here are some outboard motor tune-up tips to consider before you launch your boat this spring or summer.

Lube and Flush

When outboard motors sit idly, hoses can become brittle, seals can crack, fluid can settle, and viscosity can wane. Taking a few moments to lube and flush the motor can drastically extend the life of your motor and prevent you from breaking down on the water.

  • Flushing: an easy way to flush your outboard motor is to run fresh water through the system and let the motor run in a bucket of water. When you attempt to flush your motor, be sure to have a tight seal on the valve connecting your hose to your engine. If the valve isn't tight, water will not flush the system property, which can leave harmful deposits in your engine. You should also make sure that the water is running before starting your engine. Once the water is flowing and you start your engine, let it run until the water draining from the lower unit is completely clear. At this point, you can put your prop in a bucket of water and put your motor in gear. Allow the engine to run just above idle speed for several minutes. If the engine runs smoothly, increase your speed by several notches.
  • Lubing: many outboard motors can suffer damage when critical components become dry. You can restore the lubrication in the engine with a grease gun and marine-grade lubricant. Begin the process by removing the upper unit's hood. Next, lubricate any bearings, brackets, and gears you can see. When you lubricate, look for areas that require movement to function. If you've never worked on an outboard motor, you can find these components by looking for places where metal pieces connect to each other. Apply a few drops of lubricant at a time. You can optimize your lubrication by using a cotton swab or clean rag to gently rub the lubricant around these areas. Once the upper unit is lubricated, repeat the same steps with the lower unit. Many outboard motors require extra lubrication near the prop and driveshaft. Be sure to lubricate these areas liberally.

If you have never tuned up your outboard motor and have a Suzuki Marine outboard, consider hiring a professional such as Reliable Marine Services.

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If you're taking your boat out on the water for the first time this season, making sure that your motor is fully functional can give you peace of mind

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