Why It Makes Sense To Spend A Bit More On Your Bike

When it comes to transport and vehicles, most Americans prioritize their cars or even public transport before they will even think about spending money on a bike. While this is fair for many Americans who live a long way away from their work, many Americans live within cycling distance of their place of work and could benefit from a good bicycle. After all, a good bicycle can be more than just a utilitarian mode of transport; it's also as a great exercise option and a fun way to explore your neighborhood. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't scoff at some of the higher prices on more premium bikes. 

An Upgrade Across The Board

The differences between a good quality bike and a poor one are immediately noticeable to anyone who compares one from each camp. The metal will be a lot thinner, the connecting joints will be much flimsier, there will be a lot more plastic on the cheaper varieties, and all of the important features, such as the seat, brakes, handles, tires and even the chain will be far worse quality. A good-quality bike might only cost a few hundred dollars more than the cheap, replaceable options you see at any department store, and yet it will last you much longer and withstand much more frequent use in many different environmental conditions.

The Price Is Still Very Manageable

Most Americans would not blink an eye at having to fork out $30,000 dollars for a new or even used car, but if you even thought about paying a tenth of that for a top-of-the-line bike, you would immediately turn around and walk away. The truth is that the bike is often a better investment, as it lasts longer with fewer signs of wear and tear, plus you don't need insurance or have to pay for gas or registration, and you can use it in more enjoyable environments. 

Electric Bikes

If you don't like the idea of cycling up huge hills or all the way to work, then why not consider electric bikes? These are a great middle ground between those who love exercising and those who just want to get from A to B in an efficient way. Electric bikes do cost more, but they are a much better experience for newcomers and take away a lot of the steep learning curve that can come with riding a bike through an urban environment. They still cost much less than a car and emulate a lot of the benefits that come from them, while also giving you the option to pedal as much as you want!

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