Buying A Used Firearm? Have A Gunsmith Inspect & Improve The Firearm Before You Fire A Shot

Buying a used firearm can be intimidating in so many ways due to the safety issues that are involved in firearms. The firearm could have something wrong with it making it easily malfunction or completely inoperable. With firearms that do not malfunction and are operable, there could be still be problems that can make it difficult for you to zero the sights. Fortunately, if you are willing to take the gamble of purchasing a used firearm, you can hire a gunsmith to ensure the firearm is not only safe to use but will give you an excellent shot grouping when you zero. Here are several ways a gunsmithing professional can transform your new-to-you firearm into one that is good-as-new. 

​Inspect for Safety

The gunsmith should definitely check both the exterior and the interior of the firearm for safety. He or she will look closely at the screws, bushings, and fittings to see if they are intact. The gunsmith can also determine whether or not the firearm has been taken apart by an inexperienced person because, if so, there would be obvious signs such as screw holes that no longer retain their original shape. The gunsmith will also inspect the bore to see if there is any rusting or pitting. He or she will check the safety settings, hammer, cylinder latch, forcing cone, and all other parts. After inspection, the gunsmith can make any necessary repairs or replacements. 

​Change Grip to Fit

​One of the issues with firearms of any kind is recoil. According to USA Carry, you can handle recoil better when the grip fits your hand properly. Your gunsmith will be able to determine which type and size grip will work best for your hand and replace the existing grip with one that will work best for you. He or she will also show you the proper way of holding the new grip. 

​Boresight the Firearm

Boresight is a method used to adjust the sites of the firearm to the barrel. With advancements in technology, lasers are used to boresight firearms today. A laser is placed inside the chamber, the firearm is then aimed at a target and the sights are aligned to aim at the dot from the laser. Boresighting ensures the sites are aligned to the barrel so you don't have to overcompensate for discrepancies when zeroing in your shot groupings. Essentially, boresighting allows you the most perfect shot possible. 

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