Two Simple Longboarding Tricks To Help Beginners Develop Board Control

Longboards are the big brother of standard-sized skateboards. They are longer, wider, have fatter wheels and a longer axle. Each of these differences collectively, makes boarding tricks a little easier, especially for beginner skateboard enthusiasts. Here are two great tricks you can learn to help improve your longboarding skills.

No Comply

The most basic trick in skateboarding is easier to master using a longboard. It's called the no comply and can be perfected with practice following these steps. Beginners should initially attempt this trick in a flat area with ample room for mistakes. Both of these tricks begin by cruising along at a controlled speed, pushing off as needed with your back foot.

  • The trick starts with your back foot on the tail of the board, with the toe of your front foot in the middle, again rolling forward. Your front foot should be tilted at a 45° angle. You will raise your front foot off the board, applying pressure with your back foot while twisting inward just slightly at your back ankle. This will flip the front of the board up in the air while your front foot lands on the ground.
  • Now comes the tricky part. Your front leg is your pivot leg. When you put pressure on the back of the longboard it needs to flip exactly 180° around so that the back is now facing forward. Sounds easy, right? For beginners, it is a good idea to stand stationary and develop the flip before blending all the steps together.
  • Timing is critical when performing the no comply trick. Once the rotation is three-quarters complete, just before the front wheels return the ground, your lead leg is repositioned back in the middle of the board. Your balance will switch to this front leg and with one big push off the ground from your back foot; you'll be cruising along again.

Ghost Ride Kick Flip

The ghost ride kick flip is also referred to as the heel flip. This is another great trick to help master your board control and footwork. Begin the ghost ride flip kick exactly the same as the no comply, rolling along at a controlled speed, flat surface with room to safely make mistakes.

  • The main difference between the two tricks is the movement of your longboard. With the no comply flip, the wheels remain facing the ground, but the ghost ride flip turns the board over one revolution, from side to side, not front to back. As you're moving, both feet come off the board.
  • From the same set position, back foot at the rear of the board and your lead foot in the middle, step off the board – lead foot first. Then, take your back foot off, turning you foot so your toes are facing down. Tuck the tip of your foot under the middle of the longboard.
  • Using your toes flip the board over one full revolution, so it lands back on the wheels. The board continues to face in the same direction. When the board lands back on all four wheels, jump back on the board – back foot first. Give one good kick with your lead foot this time and off you go.

Both these longboarding tricks are great for beginners. It's always a good idea to stand stationary and develop a knack for flipping the board, before you start to move. Once you are comfortable with these two longboarding tricks, you'll have a good sense of board control to move on to more difficult maneuvers. For more information, contact companies that sell skateboards, such as High Five Skateboards.

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