The Importance of Cycling Gloves for Bicycle Riders

A bike rider remains in constant contact with three points on a bicycle as forward momentum is maintained. The seat supports the weight of the rider, and the pedals are powered by the feet of the rider. The third crucial contact point is the handlebar. Bicycle riders enhance the quality and safety of each ride by gripping the handlebar with appropriate gloves.

The primary benefit derived from the use of cycling gloves is a reduction in road vibration. When a bicycle is in motion, continuous vibration is transmitted from the wheels to the handlebar. In addition to reducing the sensation of road vibration, gloves help prevent a particular medical ailment.

Padding for a vulnerable nerve

Some bike riders experience a numbness in their hands after riding a few miles. Although the seat supports much of a rider's weight, a portion of the weight is supported by the handlebar. Hand numbness is sometimes a result of sustained handlebar pressure on the ulnar nerve.

Most bicycle gloves are designed so that the ends of your fingers are not covered. The agile use of the fingers is essential for frequent gear shifting. The palm of the glove usually has additional padding sewn in to provide protection for the nerves in that specific area of the hand.

Year-round protection

For colder days in winter, an additional thin pair of cotton gloves may be worn underneath cycling gloves to provide an extra layer of protection against the cold. The additional layer reduces the loss of body heat through the fingertips. Cycling gloves with covered fingers are also available for riding in cold weather.

Leather material is often used in the fabrication of gloves, especially in the palm area. On hot days, perspiration is sometimes absorbed into the leather and glove padding. After a ride, the outside heat can be used to your advantage by placing the sweaty gloves outside to dry in the sunshine.

Mountain bike options

A wide range of glove designs are available to suit both road cyclists and mountain bikers. A mountain bike rider may need a greater degree of hand protection against briars and brambles. Instead of thin mesh fabric, the backside of a glove for a mountain bike rider is more likely to be constructed of continuous leather.

Bicycle gloves are available in various sizes. A glove that is too large or too small is distracting and less effective. Contact a bicycle shop like Sarasota Cyclery Inc to receive more information about glove selection from your fellow cycling enthusiasts.

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