First Time To An Indoor Shooting Range

If you are a new gun owner and new to shooting in general, you will want to make sure that you get to an indoor gun range to try out your new gun. It is pointless to have a gun if you are not able to use it. The indoor shooting range will give you the necessary practice that is required to become proficient with that weapon. Going to a shooting range can be a little intimidating if you have never gone before. Below are a couple of tips if it is your first time going to a shooting range.

  1. Keep the Gun in a Case and Unloaded. Almost every indoor gun range will have their own policies. Most of these policies will include that you do not openly carry the gun into the facility and that it is not loaded until you are ready to shoot. Make sure that you bring the gun in some sort of case. It can be a fancy hard case that is custom made for your gun or it can be a basic soft case. You will also want to double and even triple check that the gun is not loaded.
  2. Ear and Eye Protection. Because you are indoors, shooting a gun can echo and reverberate off of the walls, which can be very loud and could cause damage to your ears. There could also be debris such as bullet casings, cardboard, and paper that could damage your eyes. For indoor shooting ranges, you will be required to wear ear and eye protection. You will either need to bring your own or you will need to be prepared to rent some from the shooting range.
  3. Face Gun Down Range. The number one and universal rule of every shooting range is to always point the gun down range. It does not matter if the gun is loaded or not. This is very important because if the gun is pointed down range, there is no way that it can injure you or anyone else.

As a beginner, it can be a little nerve wracking to go to the shooting range without knowing the proper rules and etiquette. By making sure that your gun is always in a case and unloaded, wearing the proper safety gear, and always facing the gun down range, you will ensure that your first trip is a success. After your first couple of times going to the range, these will be ingrained into you and you will become an expert. For more tips, contact a range like MTM Arms.

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